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We offer a wide variety of IT Solutions so that our clients can choose the one that best fit their needs. Our experience is wide and diverse. Our staff is willing to work in partnership with our clients and commit to your successful business.

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IT Support

IT Support in Dubai, UAE

As IT Solutions in Dubai provides a wide range of support solutions to help your business reach its desired goals and objectives. We are experienced in many areas and offer paramount support in terms of technical knowledge, providing first-class business solutions, and also providing a managed 24/7 service. We offer cross-functional support to many businesses, with our services including email management, network installation, disaster recovery, upgrades & migrations, server & network management, remote working, data protection, and security.

Features of IT Support

IT AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract in Dubai) IT Solutions

IT Support FAQs

We always recommend you use the latest version of the product in your design, which can be obtained under IT Support. However, it is possible to split out maintenance and support if required.

We provide on-site and remote support through Enhanced Support. Each Enhanced Support and maintenance agreement includes an entitlement to a certain number of days of on-site support presence. If the on-site allowance is used up, we continue resolving issues through off-site cases, conference calls, and meetings.

All IT products can be covered by Technical Support.

There are no limits on the number.


IP Telephony Solutions

IP Telephony Solutions in Dubai, UAE

IP Telephony is your network backbone—serving all employees whether they are within your corporate walls, at remote locations, or on mobile.

By integrating voice traffic into our network, organizations realize cost savings on their telecommunications service charges and reduce costs typically associated with deploying or relocating employee phone systems. In addition, IP telephony ultimately results in a more effective way to communicate by integrating with existing information technology systems such as e‑mail or IM. The integration with other applications can provide a seamless communications experience.

Auxkey IT solutions is one of the IP telephony solutions providers in Dubai, UAE, and one of the best could telephony companies offering a complete range of on-premises, cloud, and hybrid IP telephony solutions from industry-leading manufacturers such as Avaya, Cisco, Yealink, and Grandstream, etc.

Features of IP Telephones

Best IP Telephony Company in UAE IT Solutions - IT Products

IT Telephony FAQs

IP Telephony is the term used to describe data communications that exchange phone calls, voice, fax, and other forms of communications over the internet. Where traditionally, voice calls would be carried via analog PSTN lines, IP Telephony transports this voice data in packets via a LAN or the internet.

Cost savings, mobility, and scalability are cited as some of the key advantages of IP Telephony.

IP telephone technologies work in place of traditional landline phone networks and telephone systems. With an IP phone, internet protocol and LAN are used to transport phone calls via your ISP’s network.

IP Telephony empowers your businesses with a much range of functionality and capabilities to make their business much more efficient in a modern working landscape.


Network Solutions

Network Solutions in Dubai, UAE

Whether you are redesigning your network or building a new IT infrastructure, Auxkey IT solutions experts employ advanced routing and switching technologies to ensure the efficiency of your network infrastructure. Streamlined network traffic connections support easier management as well as the critical high availability, speed, performance, and scalability of your network infrastructure.

We offer enterprise-level data network solutions and products from Cisco, HP, D-link, TP-Link, SonicWall, and Fortinet who were the market leader for a reason, including innovative capabilities like Smart Ports, EnergyWise, and StackWise. We cover all the networking areas including Switching, Firewalls, Servers, Storage, Telephony, and Structured Cabling.

Features of Networking

best and cheap Structured Cabiling company in Dubai UAE IT Solutions

IT Networking FAQs

A network is defined as a set of devices connected to each other using a physical transmission medium.

A firewall is a network security system that is used to protect computer networks from unauthorized access. It prevents malicious access from outside the computer network. A firewall can also be built to grant or deny access to outside users.

  1. Personal Area Network (PAN):
  2. Local Area Network (LAN): 
  3. Metropolitan Area Network (MAN):.
  4. Wide Area Network (WAN): 
  • Storage Area Network (SAN)
  • System Area Network (SAN)
  • Enterprise Private Network (EPN)
  • Passive Optical Local Area Network (POLAN)


Wireless Solutions

Office Wireless Networks in Dubai, UAE

We can customize your office wireless network based on the number of users, types of devices, and physical size of the buildings to ensure the most cost-effective wireless solution for your office.

Auxkey IT solutions can provide you with a well-planned and scalable office wireless network that gives you, your employees, and their devices always-on access that’s flexible, inexpensive, easy to maintain, and no signal dropouts or delays.

Wireless Solutions

  • Deliver Internet Access
  • Inter-building LAN extension
  • Wireless LAN / WAN / MAN
  • Increase network capacity and reliability
  • Add redundancy to critical communication links
  • Remote video surveillance monitoring, video conferencing
  • Multi-location voice-over-IP (VoIP)
  • Connect remote buildings/networks that are miles apart

Wi-Fi Solutions to:

Best Managed Wifi company in Dubai, UAE IT Solutions

Wireless FAQs

802.11ax is also known as Wi-Fi Max or Wi-Fi 6. The new standard has many benefits which aim to improve performance and speed in areas of overlapping coverage, where congestion is a serious problem. The new standard will cater to the growing market with the efficient allocation of low data-rate connections, improved battery life of sensors, and extended Wi-Fi ranges.

It is highly recommended that Access Points are located overhead with 1 meter of clear space surrounding each one.

If aesthetics are of concern, specially designed ceiling mounts can be supplied that does not interfere with the signal but will hide the appearance of the Access Point.

1. Update the ecosystem routinely
2. Use an obscure SSID
3. Use WPA2 encryption, minimally
4. Change your Wi-Fi password on occasion
5. Use strong passwords and disable unused services

Wireless hotspots are physical locations in which you can use wireless devices. A wireless signal is sent out from the access point, and users with wireless devices can receive this signal on their device, in order to gain access to their organization’s network, or the Internet. 


Data Solutions

Data Storage Solution in Dubai, UAE

The most important aspect of business success is data storage. Whether companies have to store employee records, financial details, assets, company expansion plans, customer records, or everything about the company, it is imperative that you settle for a better possible data storage solution. It would be unfortunate for a company in this age to be grounded just because data is lost, damaged, hacked, or compromised and there is no way to recover it. Data integrity and security are very serious for many companies that invest a fortune to make sure that their information is safe and secure. If you are looking for one of the most reliable, secure, and reasonably priced data storage solutions on the market.

Which Backup Solution is Best for You?

There are three basic types of backup: full, copy, incremental, and differential.

Full backup provides you with an exact copy of your data which is also accessible anytime and it is useful for users.

The other two basic backup types, differential and incremental, who work from home or who want to backup a computer used in a business. These types of data backups are typically done several times a week or day for maximum protection against data loss.

Types of Data Storage:

Best Data storage company in Dubai IT Solutions

Data FAQs

With cloud storage, the data and files you need are placed on highly secure remote systems stored in a provider’s facility. The Internet allows you to connect your computer or device to the remote cloud solution to retrieve.

Not necessarily. For the company, just backing company files – documents, photos, downloads, videos, music, etc – will suffice just fine. If you want to restore those files to a new computer, this option is acceptable. Full system backups are preferable in cases of disaster, in which you might otherwise lose system settings or applications.

When you need a file from your backup, you simply connect through the backup provider’s application, navigate to the desired file or folder, and move it. The exact process differs based on the application and provider.

Backing up a computer to the cloud will use up some upload bandwidth, especially during the initial backup. If this is a concern, look for providers that offer bandwidth upload speeds.


Server Solutions

Server Solutions in Dubai, UAE

Auxkey IT Solutions has been providing professional Server Solutions for businesses in and around Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al-Khaimah, Ajman, Fujairah, and Umm Al-Quwain. We are ready to give our clients enterprise-level services and solutions at prices that work for small businesses. Time and experience have helped us develop best practices for serving our clients and workflow procedures around a proactive philosophy designed to keep your focus on your business.

Server Storage Solutions

As a trusted server management provider you get to focus on what you do best, running and growing your business. No need to worry about staying current with the latest trends in technology, you don’t need to keep up on the latest security issues.

Our Server management services include:

  • Remote problem & incident management.
  • Operating System upgrades & version control.
  • Ensuring data consistency across master server, cluster and slaves.
  • Optimize disk usage & processor usage.
  • Security and bug patch notification for the operating system.
  • Performance monitoring of Internet-based infrastructure including hardware, software, and OS.

Types of servers:

Server solutions services in Dubai UAEIT Solutions IT Products

Server FAQs

A server is a dedicated piece of computer hardware that performs specific tasks for a number of networked users.

A server provides a safe place to store your documents, spreadsheets, files, data, user data, accounting information, and everything else that is critical to your business.

The client-server model, or client-server architecture, is a distributed application framework dividing tasks between servers and clients, which either reside in the same system or communicate through a computer LAN or the Internet.

When you think of a server or a data center, you are probably imagining a room full of wires, hard drives, and flashing lights.

A small business server is a PC at heart. It has a CPU, memory (RAM), storage (hard drives), a power supply, ports, and provisions for connecting to a network or internet.

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