YouTube ReVanced APK Download: YouTube Vanced Alternative

YouTube Vanced (Premium Features) no longer exists now, and we will forever cherish the simplicity it created APK for all users on the platform. Still, we can’t sit and wait for many other suitable alternatives are offering similar functions and probably even better user experiences. This is one of the most-awaited Vanced alternatives is the YouTube ReVanced for Android users with ads free and background playback, the official replacement and you can download it from here.

YouTube ReVanced is a free customized YouTube client that replaces the discontinued YouTube Vanced with similar app features and other extra modes. The app comes with all the Youtube Premium features. The ReVanced is in the developing stages and may cause issues on your devices, but you can try the app for free. YouTube ReVanced is packed with a lot of features for free, most similar to its predecessor of YouTube Vanced (Which no longer exists).

Download AKP files from here:

Micro G Vanced

YouTube Revanced

  • First, Download and Install MicroG. The app will not open; it will run in the background.
  • Then Download YT ReVanced and Enjoy.

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